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Eleven soft and soothing oils make this fusion a powerful lullaby to wish you off to sleep.



Common Uses

Diffuse, apply 1 drop to a pillow or nightclothes, rub diluted into palms or bottoms of feet, breathe deeply. Diffusing calming essential oils during sleep can increase relaxation.


Each ingredient in Lullaby was chosen for a different calming effect. Mandarin is the only calming citrus oil. It gains this quality from a compound called methylanthranilic acid methyl ester. Try diffusing Lullaby 20 minutes before going to sleep to increase calm and relaxation. If a racing or anxious mind is keeping you from sleep, try writing down all your thoughts and fears before retiring to bed. Often the mind holds on to thoughts until they are stored more permanently. If you wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep, try getting out of bed and splashing your exposed skin with cold water. Often, resetting the body’s thermometer is all that’s needed. As an added benefit, doing this will sometimes cause you to have vivid dreams. In a pinch, Lullaby repels bugs due to the high concentration of lemon eucalyptus.

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