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Eye of the Storm



A combination of 12 soothing and relaxing oils will help ease away the worries of a rough day.


Common Uses

Apply to hands and breathe deeply. Diffuse for relaxation and calm.


Essential oils have a powerful mind-over-body effect – smelling something beautiful can help you to be calm by bringing back good memories of the past. Deep breathing helps diffuse difficult situations in two ways – by delivering powerful oils deeply into your lungs, and by slowing your heart rate to lower stress. A story one of our founders shares: In life, there are two types of problems – those with solutions, and those without. When faced with a stressful situation, the key is determining which type of problem you face. For problems with solutions, there is no need to stress – simply find the solution and the problem will be solved. For problems without solutions, there is no need to stress – there is no solution, and stress will not change that. Either way, stress will not improve the situation, but will only cloud your mind and make it difficult to find the right solution. Learning to release stress is a key in finding peace. Most stressful situations become much less stressful after just a few minutes – not because anything has changed, but because you have routed more energy to the thinking, instead of the feeling, side of your brain. Take time to simply breathe and relax, and often solutions will appear.



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