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Crystal Breath

Crystal Breath

Cooling Water


This deeply cooling blend is great for bringing life to reddened, damaged skin. Blue Tansy, Helichrysum, German Chamomile, and several other oils provide a pronounced cooling effect.


Usage Methods

Apply directly mixed with aloe vera gel, add a few drops to spray bottle with water and spray regularly to keep skin moist and cool.


The dark blue color of this blend is from azulene – a chemical that appears in German Chamomile and Blue Tansy only when they are steam-distilled. Rumors in the aromatherapy world claim that a French scientist named Gattefosse treated burns with lavender. The account, while sensational, is inaccurate. More accurate reports indicate that Gattefosse used lavender topically on burn-induced gangrene, which is something altogether different. Inflammation and painful warmth can be caused by many things – sunburn, muscle injury, or chronic conditions like arthritis. Cooling Water will help, but it is always best to avoid situations that will cause inflammation. Reduce chronic stress on the body by eating a healthy diet, drinking water, and exercising frequently.

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